Building upon Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG)’s credibility and transparency, we envision bringing a sweeping change in the real estate development sector of Pakistan. Since our inception in 2017, we have upheld the principles of trust and integrity to create value for our customers, investors, and partners alike.

Our Parent Company dubizzlegroup globally owns and operates classifieds portals with the aim to develop a variety of new services and generate seamless user experiences. The group’s portfolio in Pakistan features, Zameen Developments, OLX, and Lamudi. is the largest tech-enabled real estate company of the country. Present in 30+ cities of Pakistan, it is leading the realty sector by introducing innovative products and services.

We at Zameen Developments are building upon the principles of integrity, transparency, commitment, and quality to uplift the real estate development and design sector of Pakistan.


To become Pakistan’s largest real estate developer for vertical projects — supporting the government’s goal of controlling horizontal expansion and promoting new construction trends.


To prioritise our customers, investors, and partners, along with becoming the employer of choice.

What We Do?


Capitalising on our in-house talent, along with data-driven strategies and insight-based solutions, we develop innovative, yet contextual, real estate projects across Pakistan.


We have curated a multidisciplinary team that delivers unique project designs. From concept development to design execution, we support our clients each step of the journey.


We acquire lands across Pakistan to create value for customers. Land acquisition is processed as per rules of relevant government authorities and in compliance with all legalities.

Joint Ventures

We form joint ventures based on shared vision. Our transparent partnerships focus on enhancing value for investors and partners, and maximising profits for all stakeholders.


Our financial strength, market knowledge, ability to drive sales, and legal due diligence process ensure not only maximised profits, but reduced risk for the investors too.

Project management

The unmatched dedication of our various project managers and engineers ensures tangible and successful conclusions to the client's vision and the team's creative efforts.

Our Core Values


At Zameen Developments, we believe in the strength of unity. We foster a collaborative environment where every team member contributes to our shared goals. Together, we build a foundation that withstands challenges and celebrates successes.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our endeavours, ensuring transparency, honesty, and reliability. Our commitment to integrity builds trust among our stakeholders and forms the basis for enduring relationships.

Go-Getter Attitude

Embracing a proactive and determined approach, we foster a go-getter mindset in every aspect of our work. Our team passionately pursues excellence, consistently pushing boundaries and turning aspirations into achievements.

Business Acumen

Zameen Developments thrives on business acumen, navigating the dynamic real estate landscape with strategic insight and foresight. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to make informed decisions, driving the success of our projects and exceeding expectations.


Innovation fuels our progress. We constantly seek new ideas and creative solutions to push boundaries and elevate standards. At Zameen Developments, we embrace innovation as a catalyst for growth, ensuring that our projects remain at the forefront of excellence.


Share your ideas, & we will suggest options & answer your questions.
We are ready to become your guide in the fascinating landscape of architecture & design.

Sustainability at Zameen Developments