As evident from its name and slogan, the project’s design theme is based on the gemstone ‘Opal’. This particular stone has an iridescent nature, which means that it would give off a reflective play of colors when turned in white light despite its apparent opaqueness. Building upon this concept from nature itself, our team designed Zameen Opal, which has a purely white façade but features subtle touches of color within its interior.

Upon entering the building, the residents are treated to a double-height lobby – offering a spacious and grand feeling. Another significance of this lobby is how it optimally connects the indoors with the outdoors.

The lobby immediately leads to the central vertical access. This specific feature ensures that all apartments have an equal walking distance from the lift lobby – providing the ultimate comfort in everyday routines. Meanwhile, several amenities are available on the ground floor to offer more convenience as well as enhance community living.

Location wise, Zameen Opal is the first of its kind project in Land Breeze Housing Society of Lahore, which is a collection of 4-kanal farmhouses. Our project is a vertical residential development spanning over 10 kanals with spectacular views from the higher floors. Furthermore, the apartment sizes and styles provided are in response to the demand within this locality.

  • Location Raiwind Road, Lahore
  • Type Residential Apartments
  • Status Completed


Swimming Pool

Children’s Play Area

Club House


Rooftop Garden



Plot # 16, Land Breeze Society,

Sector A, Raiwind Road,