The residential architecture services include the designing of townhouses, apartments, villas, farmhouses, and mansions.
  • Site Analysis
  • Architectural Plans, Sections, Elevations
  • Structure Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • MEP Drawings
  • Professional 3D Elevations
  • Authority Approval Drawings
  • Interior Drawings (On Demand)
  • Interior 3Ds (On Demand)


We have experts on board to immaculately combine commercial, retail, corporate, and residential developments.
  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Plan
  • Architectural Plans, Sections, Elevations
  • Structure Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • MEP Drawings
  • Professional 3D Elevations
  • Authority Approval Drawings
  • Interior Drawings (On Demand)
  • Interior 3Ds (On Demand)
  • Sales & Marketing Brochures (On demand)

Urban Planning

Our professionals are trained in master planning, implementing housing schemes, and developing infrastructure for societies and communities.
  • Site Analysis
  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Urban Regeneration Design
  • Architectural Masterplan
  • Working Drawings
  • Planning Regulations & Applications
  • Sustainability
  • Community Engagement
  • Approval Drawing set
  • Rendered Master Plan (On Demand)
  • 3D Views (On Demand)


Our structural engineers create the form and shape of the buildings using various concepts to develop even the most complex structures.
  • Site Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Structural Submission Drawings
  • Structural Tender Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Details
  • Authority Submission Drawings
  • Submission of Dossier


Our MEP engineers specialise in the art and science of planning, designing, and managing the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of a development.
  • Conceptual Design Report
  • Initial Design
  • Submission Drawings
  • Plumbing Drawings & BOQs
  • Electrical Drawings & BOQs
  • HVAC Drawings & BOQs
  • MEP Load sheets
  • ELV System Drawings and BOQs
  • Tender Documents
  • Construction Drawings
  • Project Management
  • Submission of Dossier
Interior Design


Our interior designers have the skill to aesthetically and practically design spaces in residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments.
  • Interior Drawings
  • Special Detail Drawings
  • Photoshop Rendered Drawings
  • Mood Boards
  • Final approval from client
  • Detailed working drawings
  • Interior 3D Renderings

Visual Merchandising

Our capable team can design merchandise displays for retail outlets with the goal of attracting more customers.
  • Conceptual Design Report
  • Client Feedback
  • Initial Design
  • Consultants' Meetings
  • Tender Documents
  • Submission Drawings
  • Project Closure Meeting


For office developments, we design and implement a complete fitout for making a space suitable for occupation and practical to use.
  • Client Meetings
  • BOQ Requirements
  • Required working drawings
  • Material description
  • Final 3D renders
visualisation & Animation

3D Renders

Using photorealistic effects, we create beautiful digital visuals of proposed architecture.
  • 3D Modelling on 3DS- Max, Lumion, & Sketchup
  • Design Textures
  • Real time Material applications
  • Lightening design
  • Tiling Modelling
  • Camera views
  • Initial Render / Final Render
  • Environment / Context Model
  • Day & Night Renders


We have a fully equipped in-house facility for creating animated presentations of real estate projects.
  • Detailed 3D model
  • Environment Animation
  • Building Model Animation
  • Environments & buildings Walkthroughs
  • High-quality HD Animations


We have a highly skilled production team that develops all kinds of videos in relation to progress of our real estate ventures
  • Animation Compilation
  • Voice-Over/Music
  • Branding over Animation
  • Project Closure
Project Management

Planning & Scheduling

Covering the project from inception to execution, we meticulously plan and schedule construction activities adhering to client needs and all regulations.
  • Work Breakdown of Project Scope
  • Establishing the Sequence of Tasks
  • Link Task Dependencies
  • Assign Resources
  • Assigning Project Baselines
  • Monitoring & Controlling

Contract, Quantities, & Estimations

We collaborate with businesses, real estate investors, private clients, and other stakeholders to develop future-defining infrastructure.
  • Costs Associated with Constructed Facilities
  • Approaches to Cost Estimation
  • Type of Construction Cost Estimates
  • Effects of Scale on Construction Cost
  • Unit Cost Method of Estimation
  • Methods for Allocation of Joint Costs
  • Historical Cost Data
  • Applications of Cost Indices to Estimating
  • Contract Based on Structure, Architecture, & interior scope of services
  • Allocation of Construction Costs Over Time
  • Computer-Aided Cost Estimation
  • Estimation of Operating Costs

Resident Supervision

We offer dedicated resident supervision for planning, managing, and controlling construction-related activities on project sites.
  • Site Engineer / Architect deployed on site
  • Supervision on site
  • Issuing of instructions to the contractor
  • Report regularly to the Senior Architect
  • Development on site
  • Coordination of all technical aspects of Site works assignments, including development of plans, schedules, contracts, procedures, & construction methods and systems

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We manage and maintain quality at all stages of construction by adhering to international standards and codes as well as local bylaws.
  • A specially designed control plan
  • Follow the approved Bill of Quantities
  • Quality Communications
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • Subcontractors & materials
  • Project quality specifications
  • Non-conformance control
  • Project completion inspections
Community Management